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Wuxi Weida Electron Technology Co.,Ltd. is domestic late launches one of OEM processing service industry domain enterprises. But passes through unremitting efforts in recent years, already formed one to be engaged in the OEM product development, the production, the service, and had rich experience's professional contingent, Proposed at first from the customer to the product concept the product concrete plan design, the sample fine manufacture, as well as the OEM product post-sale consummates the service, manifests for the user wants with the spirit of science which strives for perfection. Company OEM business scope:
Continues the electrical appliances, the electronic products outer covering OEM production processing service.
Continues each kind of electronic products the OEM production processing service. Air conditioning computer control panel's main OEM user for new, Haire, Haixin and so on domestic air conditioning production manufacturer.
The contract electric instrument, burns the gas meter, the water meter and so on each kind civil or the industrial used intelligent measuring appliance's OEM production processing service.
Along with the company resources ability's unceasing expansion, has numerously international is first near the level high, the essence, the sharp equipment again investment movement, guaranteed that the OEM product project progress completes as scheduled with the quality promotion. Now, the company had yearly produces 3,000,000 engine cases, 3,000,000 Taiwan Telegraphic Transmission sources, 500,000 intelligent civil measuring appliances and other product standardized production lines, as well as massive first near production, research and development, test equipment, has the fast development, the fast production, the fast service comprehensive strength. The company believed: Will follow your alliance, the company decides to promote your product market niche to lend a helping hand.
We welcome the OEM user to carry on the service discussion sincerely with Our company.